Do You Know that Waze Can Help You Avoid Accident-Prone Roads?

Waze’s New Alert System and Crash History Reporting!  stay safe!

November 23, 2023

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  • Waze introduces a new alert system for accident-prone roads after a year of beta testing.
  • The feature combines AI and user-reported crash data to notify users about road histories.
  • Waze users contribute accident reports every two seconds, enhancing real-time data.
  • The app’s notification system prompts vigilance on roads with a significant crash history.
  • Waze minimizes distractions by avoiding notifications on frequently traveled roads, enhancing user focus.


Waze, the more accommodating counterpart to Google Maps, is incorporating an additional practical feature. Following nearly a year of beta testing, Waze is rolling out a fresh alert system designed for roads prone to accidents. This enhancement ensures that you receive timely notifications, allowing you to stay vigilant when navigating streets with a history of incidents.

How Does Waze’s crash history report work?

Waze employs a blend of artificial intelligence (AI) and user-provided crash data to compile its information. The AI system delves into historical crash data, considering factors like typical traffic volumes, road elevation, curvature, and whether it’s a highway or a local street. This data is then amalgamated with reports from millions of Waze users, who, as per Google, contribute accident reports every two seconds.

When using Waze during your travels, the app will present a notification indicating that the upcoming mile or stretch of road has a track record of accidents. Notably, Waze doesn’t differentiate between major and minor accidents, making the severity of a road’s crash history less apparent in the alert. However, consider this prompt as a gentle reminder to stay vigilant while driving—reduce speed and, if necessary, consider altering your route. It’s important to note that the alert doesn’t take into account the specifics of the accidents, such as involvement with other vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians.

How to Check if Waze Crash History Report is Enabled

In an effort to reduce distractions, Waze has implemented a feature that refrains from displaying notifications on frequently traveled roads, prioritizing alertness in unfamiliar territories. This functionality is now accessible for all users on both iOS and Android platforms. Users can manage this feature by navigating to Settings > Alerts & Reports > Reports, where they have the option to check or disable it according to their preferences.

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