Get Ready To Transfer Calls Between Android Devices Soon

You Android experience is just about getting spicier. Google plans to role out a feature that will enable users to share content across its platforms just as Apple users currently enjoy.

January 02, 2024

You could now be shairing messages on android soon

Sharing is Caring

  • Evolution of smartphones
  • Indications suggest the ability to connect multiple Android devices under the same Google account.
  • Functionality similar to Apple’s Continuity
  •  Details about the feature’s functionality remain scarce. 


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The trajectory of smartphone evolution has often seen Apple incorporating concepts from Android. However, the current trend appears to be reversing.

Reported by Android correspondent Nail Sadykov and disseminated on Twitter by fellow Android reporter Mishaal Rahman, there are indications that Google might soon enable users to connect multiple Android devices under the same Google account. This potential development could introduce functionalities reminiscent of Apple’s Continuity program, permitting users to seamlessly link their iPhones, Macs, and iPads. Consequently, one could answer phone calls on any of these devices instead of being limited to the iPhone alone.

Details regarding the functionality and capabilities of this feature are still scarce. However, from the available information, an image showcases a toggle labeled “Call switching,” suggesting the ability to shift phone calls between different Android devices, akin to the corresponding Apple function. As per the tweet, there’s a possibility that it may also facilitate “internet sharing,” granting users the capability to utilize a personal hotspot across their interconnected devices.

Aside from that, there’s no telling when this feature will make its way into Android devices or what other functionality it’ll allow.

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