How to Record Your PC Screen in Windows 11

Unlock the Power of Windows: Unveiling Two Built-in Screen Recording Gems! 🎥✨ Discover the time-tested Snipping Tool’s new video recording prowess in Windows 11, alongside a versatile secret weapon—Xbox Game Bar.

November 23, 2023

How to sreenshot Windows 11 screen

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  • Screen Recorder in Snipping Tool
  • Screen Record with Gmae Bar


You don’t have to always keep your screen to yourself. What transpires on your computer isn’t confined to its boundaries. Should you wish to share your screen activities with others, be it for a YouTube presentation, a social media update, or guiding a family member through a computer task, capturing it is key! Windows 11 facilitates this with two integrated methods for screen recording, eliminating the necessity for external applications if you prefer to keep it native.

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Snipping Tool’s Screen Recorder 

For over two decades, the Snipping Tool has been a stalwart in Windows, continually evolving with each major release. In the latest iteration, Windows 11, the Snipping Tool has acquired a new skill – the ability to record screen videos alongside its traditional screenshot capabilities.

Initiating a screen recording with the Snipping Tool is straightforward. Open the utility by searching for it in the Start menu. On the top toolbar, click on the video camera icon to activate the video recording feature. Press the New button, transforming the Snipping Tool into a crosshair for selecting the screen region you wish to record. Once ready, click the Start button, and after a brief three-second countdown, your recording kicks off.

To pause or conclude your recording, simply press the pause icon or the red square icon. Post-completion, your recording is conveniently accessible in a player window, with all recordings automatically saved in your Videos folder.

It’s important to note that the Snipping Tool’s screen recording feature does not capture audio, resulting in silent recordings.

Screen record with Game Bar 

Although designed with gaming in mind, the Xbox Game Bar extends its functionality to record applications beyond the gaming realm.

Activating the Game Bar is simple – press Windows + G or locate it through the Start menu. Once opened, press the Camera icon to unveil the capture window. You have the option to toggle your microphone on or off by clicking on the Microphone icon.

Initiate recording by pressing the Record icon, identifiable as the button with the solid white circle. Conclude your recording by clicking Stop. To access your recordings, simply click on “Show all captures” to review and manage your captured content.

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